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Introducing the Littles Pet Care Team!
Carola Little and Janet Verhaegan

Carola Little

Hello! I graduated from Ridgetown College, University of Guelph in the year 2000. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician with a great love of animals. Having done my externship in a veterinary clinic, I began to see that this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I'm not a stranger to hard work and long hours, but I wanted something a little more fulfilling. The opportunity to spend time with many different pets on a very personal level seemed very exciting.

I've been pet sitting on a part time basis since 1997. In 2004
I made a full time commitment to this area of animal care. Having a full medical background in the field, I am very capable of caring for your
pets, especially those requiring medical attention (such as diabetic or epileptic cats and dogs). Administering medications is never a problem in your absence. I may also detect specific behavioural abnormalities in your pet that may indicate a problem -
one that might go unnoticed by your neighbours or current animal care providers.

My household is a full one, with the count as follows:

2 dogs - A crazy dachshund, Oscar, who lives to get into trouble!! He's just over 5 now, and prefers his own space, but loves to referee the rest of the pack when he can. We'll be attempting to do some agility training with him this year, and are excited to see how that goes! - and a big goof of a Great Dane named Triton. Triton's not quite 2 yet , and he just loves to play. Granted, he's 150+ lbs., but is trying to take his constant growth spurts all in stride. If only my house would grow too!

2 cats - The king of the household, Jax. He loves to keep the dogs in line but takes the time to play with Oscar when the mood finds him. And Norm
is the curious little kitten in the family who lives to annoy Jax.

1 bird - One Cockatiel named Merlin who loves to talk ("Merlin is a pretty bird").

1 large tank of fish - The quietest members of our zoo. They also take a fair bit of
work to keep clean. But at least they don't tear the stuffing out of their toys in the
living room (Oscar!!)

As you can tell, I deal with a variety of animals on a daily basis, and if I didn't truly love them, I wouldn't live in a zoo! (Oh, and did I mention I keep a husband too? Poor Jeremy, he does get forgotten sometimes!)

Janet Verhaegen

Hello. Over the last 30 years I have been surrounded by animals. The dogs and cats who have blessed me with their companionship have all been rescues. I am currently kept busy with a husband, 3 children and with 2 Chocolate Labs. One is 12 years old (and is gracefully approaching old age) and the other is a feisty 5. She does her best to keep my old boy young at heart. They have been in our home from the ages of 2 years and 10 months respectively. We also have 2 cats in the home that do their best to run the roost when they are not making eyes at our bird.

I have been a resident of Orangeville for the last 15 years. I have always had a love of animals and so I have recently upgraded my education in that direction. Through various organizations I have received certification in 2006 as an Animal Care Specialist, in 2007 as a Veterinary Assistant and in 2009 as a trainer of Canines and Felines. I have also volunteered at the Orangeville Humane Society and have been active in a number of other associations in Orangeville. I will be putting all my knowledge to work with both you and your animal companion!