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Have you ever wanted to own your own pet care business but weren’t sure where to start?

Good News! Littles Pet Care is expanding! Right now we’re looking for interested individuals who want to run their own Littles Pet Care location!

We’re taking applications via our website, and are looking for just the right people to join our Littles Pet Care family. Are you that person?

Whether you want to board animals in your home, or do pet sitting/dog walking
outside of your home, we can show you how!

Are you:

  • Wanting to work with animals while they’re happy and healthy?
  • Wanting to get more respect from the people you’re working for?
  • Wanting to be your own boss?
  • Looking to run your own business but still have the support of a group of
    like-minded individuals?

Then maybe you should check out Littles Pet Care!

We’ve been in business since 2004, and have survived that scary prospect of
starting up your own business. Now we have 2 successful locations and want to
pass along that knowledge to others and create a province wide chain of pet care locations all centered on high quality care. Whether in-home, cageless boarding, or dog walking and pet sitting, we can show you the fastest way to achieve success.

Interested? Intrigued? Just curious?

Packages Available
Package "A" : Pet Sitting
Package "B" : In-home Boarding
Package "C" : Deluxe package includes both pet sitting AND boarding options

E-mail Address: *
Your name
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Your phone number
Which package are you applying for?
In what time frame will you be ready to sign a franchise agreement?
List your employment history (at least 3 years back)
Level of education
Do you hold any certificates of completion for any courses related to pet care?
Your annual income, at present?
Amount of capitol available to you to begin your business
How do you intend on financing this business
Why do you want to do this?
What will be your largest obstacle in opening this business?
Describe your relevant business experience
Describe your relevant pet experience

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