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prices as of March 1

DOG WALKING - $21/visit - HST included

This service provides a critical break for your favourite pooch. Up to a 1/2 hour walk
in the fresh air (weather permitting) and some important TLC. If mother nature has other ideas (extreme cold or rain), we won't inflict unnecessary stress on your pet, opting instead for a short potty break and then gentle play and cuddling inside your home.

Feeding is optional, depending on your needs and the pooch's routine. A fresh bowl
of water is always provided as well as a quick check of the area to ensure safety of
the pet until your return.

- $21/visit - HST included

This service is similar to the DOG WALKING, except you can decide how many of
these visits you would like during the course of your absence (I.e. 2, 3, 4, or more ½ hour visits per day) There are clients who find this service preferable to a boarding facility. The dog is less stressed in a familiar environment and the likelihood of disease exposure is minimized. Moreover, they receive individual attention and receive not
only walks but also some much appreciated TLC. All within the security of your home!

Feeding is done as per your instructions and we will do our best to ensure that your pet's regular routine is not altered. You will have the security of knowing that we will
be there for your companion animal at regularly scheduled intervals.

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- $21/visit -HST included

We also provide a pet sitting service for those of you with cats, birds, fish or lizards
(or whatever else you can throw at us!). We know that you can't go on an extended vacation without providing some kind of care until your return.

For these animals a once or twice a day service is available that provides your
beloved pet with fresh water, food and lots of TLC. The service can be modified to
your specifications as needed.

- $16/visit - HST included

For those of you that don't have pets, but do have cottages or homes that may be
left unattended for a number of days, we offer this service specifically for you! Most insurance companies require you to have someone check on your home every few days, whether or not you have an alarm system.

This service provides someone to pick up your mail, check the house, water any
plants and to give your home a "lived in" look. Tracks in the snow in the winter, no
piled up mail in the mail box, and/or even different lights on or off every few days may make someone think twice before assuming you are away.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Don't take chances.

- $21/30 minutes - HST included

Have no time in the day to run your pet to the vet? Does your pooch need a haircut
but you just can't find the time to run to the groomers? Are you not able to get around as easily and need a hand getting your pet to an appointment? We can pick up, drop off and return your companion animal to your doorstep. *We will also do "supply runs" for those of you who are unable to do so yourself

- $4/pet

Any and all of the above services are available to multiple pets of various species, but there is a small surcharge per additional pet.