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With every service we provide, we offer a comment card to complete so that we can better serve you in the future. Below are just a sampling of the comments we have received:

We felt very comfortable leaving our dog for three days. Which
meant our time away was enjoyable. I think you have everything
mastered. P.S. We also really appreciated how clean the dogs
play area was. He didn’t even jump on our couches. We will
highly recommend you. - Dolores W.

I was most impressed with the home environment provided for
the animals. We thought “boarding” always meant kennels or
crates. My family was able to go on vacation knowing that a very
important part of our family was in an atmosphere that he was
most accustomed to. - Tracy B.

Thank you! We had a wonderful worry-free time and best of all,
the cats were so well looked after that they didn’t give us the
“cold shoulder” when we got home! Now we can go away with
confidence! Cheers! - Carri-Ann L.

Recently we moved and Max was suffering from separation
anxiety so we needed a special place to board him while we
were away for 9 days. We picked the right place! Since we came
home Max is much calmer and more relaxed around the house,
but a little more frisky and playful when we go out for walks.
Definitely a win win for us all. Thank you Carola! - Rick H

Thanks very much for your good care of the pup!  - J.G.