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Tips on Choosing a Pet Care Provider

Ask yourself these 4 key questions:

Are they bonded and insured?
We are because we will not take chances and neither should you!

Will they visit your home before the first pet sitting assignment to meet the pets and get detailed information about their care?
We take the time to collect the information and to view the premises.

Do they provide a service contract which specifies services and fees?

We advise you of services and charges in writing and provide you with a contract
copy for your records.

Do they provide a service rating form for clients?
We want your feedback and we always want to ensure satisfaction.

If your sitter or walker can’t do this for you…are you truly comfortable?
Talk to us. See the difference.

Other checklist items you may include:
•The sitter provides references when requested.
•The sitter has experience in caring for pets and is clearly mindful of their safety and well-being.
•The sitter shows a positive attitude during the initial meeting and seems comfortable and competent dealing with animals.
•The sitter wants to learn as much as possible about the animals in his or her care.
•The sitter is courteous, interested and well informed.
•The sitter takes precautions to make sure a client's absence from home is not detected because of any careless actions or disclosures by the sitter.
•The sitter has a contingency plan for pet care in case of inclement weather or personal illness.
•The sitter calls to confirm or has the client call to confirm the client has returned
home as scheduled.
•The sitter exhibits courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with staff members, customers and industry colleagues so as to present the pet sitter and the pet sitting industry favorably and positively.
•The sitter keeps regular office hours and answers clients' inquiries promptly.


What happens when I call you?
After a brief description of your needs we set up a time to meet with you at your home. We have a list of questions designed to help us understand your concerns and the needs of your companion animals for in-home visits. You can show us where their
food, leashes and toys are and we get to establish a connection with your animals. They may even remember us when we come in your absence! For boarding or daycare, you and your pet come for a visit and we can discuss your needs as your
pet has a good sniff around. We then both sign a service contract.

When is payment made?
Depending on the length and type of service, a deposit may be necessary. However,
in most cases payment is due upon completion of the service contract. This payment may be made when the key to your home is dropped off. Or, if more convenient for you, a cheque may be sent via the S.A.S.E that is left with your invoice and sheet we provide for your comments. Please do feel free to send us your thoughts about the service you received. We value your feedback and want to improve.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Interac only at the Shelburne boarding facility. Otherwise, cash or cheque are accepted.

Do you do have a "backup" if you are ill?
Yes!! That is why we have more than one person on our team. We know that you are counting on us - we don't want to let you down.

What do you mean by 1/2 hour visit in your dog walking service?
This is mainly weather and canine health dependent. If it is minus 30 degrees with
the wind chill, we do not want to expose your pet to that extreme for a full 1/2 hour period! A good rule of thumb for your canine companions is that if you are cold, so
are they. We are trying to look out for the welfare of your pet. Also, if you dog is post operative or ill, we will not want to tax their system with extended walks. If it is
necessary to curtail a walk, we will ensure that your companion is still given the
mental or physical stimulation that a walk would provide. This is often done with play
or snuggle sessions.

Do you have a minimum stay requirement at the boarding facility?
No, no minimum stay is required at the boarding facility. As long as your dog(s) pass the screening visit, they are welcome to stay whether for one night or one month or more.

What if there is something I need done and I don't see it on your website?
No problem. Just ask. We are here to help and will do so if we can.